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Looking ahead

As the marketplace continues to evolve, the Fury Agency works with clients to sell film, audio, gaming, merch and other subrights to their traditional and self-published releases. We work hard to help authors maximize as many revenue streams as possible so their work reaches the widest audience across multiple formats. We are a huge advocate of utilizing secondary rights and believe in staying ahead of the pack by embracing change, not just adapting to it.

For all subrights inquiries please contact:

Subsidiary Rights 

Foreign Rights

The Fury Agency has partnered with a network of established co-agents to sell international rights to both traditional and self-published works in print, ebook and audio formats as well as new platforms.

Film & TV/Streaming

We partner with major Hollywood agencies and work to connect authors with the book-to-film agent that is the best fit for them. We also send direct submissions to established (and new) production companies and studios.

Audio, Gaming & More

Louise Fury has sold traditional & self-published books as well as original and exclusive IP direct to audio publishers for over 14 years resulting in more than 150 audio deals. She has also sold dozens of games/app rights for her clients.

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